About Chelcea Zamora

Author: Chelcea Zamora | Thursday, Mar 17, 2022 | Tags: bios

Research Background

My current role in the lab is maintaining the animal colony, providing research support, I was granted the opportunity to join the Chen lab in October of 2021. I was excited to learn about all the different studies and new developments with pediatric patients. I love meeting new people and working with animals.

When I’m not in the lab

When I am not in the Lab, you can find me spending most of my time with my daughter Raelynn and my husband Justin. We have a lot of different animals on our little farm on the outskirts of Dallas. We spend a lot of our time raising chickens, riding horses, and doing any kind of activity outside. August through January, you can catch me glued to my TV watching my DALLAS COWBOYS as I am a huge cowboy fan. We really keep up with Texas Monthly’s top 50 BBQ and try the newest every chance we get.