About Lindsay Mendyka

Author: Lindsay Mendyka | Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 | Tags: bios

Research Background

I started working in biomedical research in Spring 2014 at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I became very fluent in animal breeding, handling, and dosing techniques. I translated this experience to pediatric cancer research and produce animal models to better understand DICER1 Syndrome. I thoroughly enjoy learning new techniques and procedures and applying them to our research, which is my favorite thing to do while in the lab. I enjoy challenges and teaching my newly acquired knowledge and skills to other lab members.

When I’m not in the lab

Life became a lot sweeter with the addition of our son in November 2019. We enjoy family walks, fishing, reading, and being outdoors. In my alone time I like to … haha, what is alone time?! Caramello bars are irresistible, as well as any chocolate. Kolaches and Whataburger are my new favorites since moving to Texas and I will always say yes to good BBQ. :)