Lane Beeman

Author: Lane Beeman | Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 | Tags: bios

Research Background

My research experience is filled with a variety of animal models, enjoying the challenges and skillset required for each one. My current role in the lab is maintaining the animal colony, providing research support, and executing all experiments using the animal model. I joined the Chen lab in November of 2019 because I was excited to learn more about Wilms tumor and DICER1 Syndrome and to make a difference in lives of pediatric patients. I enjoy learning about other lab members’ research and how I can contribute my skills to accomplish their goals.

When I’m not in the lab

Most of my time is spent with my son Atticus. Our family frequents the neighborhood pond to “feed the duckies” and we try to spend as much time as possible outside with our dog Marvel. My roots are in Kansas City, so during football season you will find us in red and gold doing the Tomahawk Chop. We also enjoy trying out new local restaurants and traveling whenever possible to complete our “50 states” traveled list as a family.